Booking of the cottage
Booking of the cottage happens through the owners’ email or by calling them. In summer the change day of the tenants is Saturday, other times you can ask the owners for suitable day for you. The homepage of the cottage are Kolmikallio.fi and nettimokki.com (id. 4877). From the last mentioned you can also find the booking calendar and the price list.

If you have booked the cottage for a week or longer you will receive an invoice about the booking fee (20o €). The final invoice will be sent to you by email few weeks before the dates you booked. Shorter reservations are paid with one invoice. If you have to cancel your reservation, the booking fee will not be returned unless you have cancelled the reservation because of an illness. In the case of an illness you must present a medical certificate. If the final invoice has already been paid at the time of the cancellation, half of the money will be returned. But if you have cancelled because of an illness or we can get a new tenant instead, all the money you paid will be returned. The owner of the cottage can also cancel the reservation if there has occurred an overwhelming barrier. In this case the tenants of the cottage have the right to get all the money they paid back.

Arriving to the cottage and leaving the cottage
The rental cottage is in the use of the tenants from 16:00 on the day they’re arriving to 12:00 on the day they’re leaving. Other arriving and leaving times can be arranged with the owners of the cottage.

Delivery of the keys
The keys of the cottage are in a key box that is located next to the cottage’s front door. You get the code for the key box from the owners before you arrive to the cottage.

The amount of people in the cottage
The cottage must not be used by more people than it was agreed with the owners. The maximum amount of people living in the cottage is seven. Use of a tent, a camper or a caravan without the permission from the owners is forbidden.

The amenities for children
The rental cottage has a child’s crib, a high chair and toys for the family’s youngest.

If you were to bring a pet to the cottage you must always discuss it first with the owners. You also have to pay a surcharge from the pet.

What the price of the cottage includes
The price includes free use of the rental cottage and all the equipments mentioned in the cottage information. The rowboat is also included to the price. The cottage has all the necessary furniture, cleaning supplies, cutlery, food making supplies and toilet paper. The cottage has a tv, a radio and a DVD player. The firewoods needed for heating and electricity are also included to the price.

You can bring your own bedsheets or rent them from the owners of the cottage for 15 €/person. If you rent the bedsheets, the price includes a bottom sheet, a pillowcase, a duvet cover, a hand towel and a bath towel. Using the beds without bedsheets is forbidden.

The tenant is responsible for cleaning the cottage during the reservation and when it ends, or they can pay for a final cleaning that costs 80 €. If the cottage hasn’t been cleaned when the reservation ends, the cottages owners have a right to charge 100 € for the cleaning. If the tenants haven’t ordered a final cleaning, they must do the following things:

- vacuum the floors and carpets
- mop the floors if needed
- wash the dishes and put them back to the cabins
- clean the kitchen counter, stove and table
- clean the sauna and bathroom
- clean the toilet, sink and mirror in the WC
- take the trash out where they belong
- clean the fireplace
- clean the rowboat, if it has been used
- fill up the firewood holder, if you have used them (the firewoods are in the woodshed) )

The tenant is responsible to pay to the cottage owners for the damages they’ve done to the cottage.

Water use
The water used in the cottage is springwater from a drilled well. The springwater is suitable for drinking and other use.

Waste management
The trash must be sorted out to mixed trash and burning trash (cardboard, paper). Leftovers and other degradable waste must be put in the compost, that’s next to the trash cans.

Pull the fireplace damper open from the top of the fireplace and open the ashdump door. If needed, press the fireplace switch (at WC, above the toilet seat). The switch is on if a red light is on too, the switch is on for 15 minutes and it turns off automatically after that. Also, the extractor hood in kitchen should be off when you’re lighting up the fireplace. After using the fireplace, check that there is no hot peaces of carbon left. Close the fireplace damper and ashdump door (especially during winter).

The WC and the bathroom have an underfloor heating. If you adjust the underfloor heating, after holiday put it back to the original temperature. Living room/kitchen heating thermostat is next to the bedroom door and you can adjust the temperature of all the radiators through it. Bedroom heating is adjusted from the radiator in the room. The living room temperature can also be adjusted by the air-source heat pump’s remote control (adjust the air-source heat pump’s temperature a little bigger than the radiator thermostat’s). During winter, discuss about the temperature with the owners when you’re leaving the cottage.

Extractor hood
Only use the extractor hood when you are making food. The extractor hood starts when you pull it out, the buttons that controls the power and light are at the bottom.

Oven, stove and dishwasher
If needed, the instructions are on the top shelf of the wooden cabin in the kitchen. Tip: the stove goes on full power when you press the minus button once (-). Open the dishwasher’s faucet before use and remember to close it afterwards.

Sauna and bathroom
The sauna heats up with firewood. Open the fireplace damper before lighting up the sauna. Remember to close the fireplace damper after using the sauna, especially during winter. While using the sauna use your own seat covers or the disposable seat covers that you can find from the bathroom. Tip: if there is a fire in the fireplace, lighting up the sauna stove can be hard. If needed press the fireplace switch in the WC, open the window in sauna and close the bathroom door.

The cottage has a WC that works with a foot pedal. You flush the toilet by pressing the foot pedal. When you arrive to the cottage, open the faucet from the left side of the toilet seat and close it when you leave..



The address of the rental cottage is Kotaniementie 138J, 72550 SÄVIÄ (Pielavesi).
GPS coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN -planar coordinates N 7001994 E 480277

Contact information of the owners of the cottage:
Vesa ja Tiina Kärkkäinen
Liiterimäentie 20
74640 Sulkavanjärvi
050 555 7113, +35850 5497358 (in english)

In case of an illness, the closest health center is located to Pielavesi. During the evenings and weekends emergency duty is alternately with Keitele health center.

The address of the health center is Savikontie 15, 72400 PIELAVESI
On weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00, phone number is 017 171 031, emergency duty phone number is 017 171 030.
Keitele health center, Sairaalatie 1, 72600 KEITELE
On weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00, phone number is 017 171 131 and emergency duty phone number is 017 171 130.

Emergency number is 112.




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